Learn 3D stencil lettering from letter artist James Lewis. 

Duration 1hr

Subtitles Available

Artist James Lewis takes you step-by-step through his techniques with a custom font designed exclusively for Illuminated Shadows.

Step inside James’ studio as he shares tips on creating artworks and guides you through applying his skills anywhere to create anything. Discover how to customise any surface with this creative tutorial.

About James Lewis

James Lewis is a renowned typographer and multidisciplinary British artist. A designer who focuses on calligraphy and painting, he shares his artistic process with a combined following of over 1.5 million on Instagram and TikTok.

James has taught lettering workshops all over the world, and has worked with brands such as Mercedes, Pepsi, TikTok, Nandos, BBC and Red Bull, Rolls Royce and Pentax.