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Our Story

Our founders Tom and Rob started out as documentary-based commercial film-makers. While they loved their work, they missed creativity outside their 9-5, and had a yearning to do something for themselves.  Something that could get them away form their dark edit suites and back outside.

In 2018, they had an idea. Online courses were gaining popularity. Everywhere you looked, thousands of people were uploading their own with bad equipment, not giving their skills the platform they deserved. It was overwhelmingly uninspiring.

They wondered: what if they could use their skills to make cinematic tutorials? What if they could give unique talented makers a beautiful platform to teach others on?  A platform that parallels and cares for their craft.
And so Illuminated Shadows was born.

Nature crafts tutorials from independent creatives

Our Artists

We travel all over the UK to discover and document incredible artists that work with, and are inspired by, nature – think creative tutorials that help you embrace the outdoors.

Ever wondered how to make a wooden spoon, or how to embroider flowers? Ever wanted to see inside your favourite artist's studio or creative space?  Or wondered not just how they create these fantastic pieces, but also why? Because for us, learning the latter is just as important as the former.

We’ve made it so you can enjoy one-on-one time with Instagram’s brightest makers whenever suits you.  Hearing them talk about their craft, from how they began, to where they are now and everything in between.  They’ll teach you everything you need to create your own piece to art.

From your garden workshop to out on the road, stream our tutorials any time you like, from anywhere on any device. 

Pay once per tutorial, and you’ll get lifetime access. Or until you've mastered your new skill.

Online courses that give back

Our Values

Our aims are simple: To bring inspiration and advice to creatives all over the world. To support the artists we feature more than any other platform. To be sustainable and grow our love for nature. And to cheer on our amazing community, always sharing the fantastic creations made in it.

Want to learn new skills? Join us.

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