This is Giles Newman’s first ever full-length video tutorial.

From tips on foraging for the best materials to his incredible techniques, one of the world's best spoon carvers takes you into his own forest to master the essentials of carving.

Whether new to carving or already on the road, this tutorial offers so many techniques and tips that any level of craftsman will find it indispensable. 


Learn how to carve the Ivy Spoon in this 18 part, 2.5 hour tutorial from Giles Newman. All shot on location in the heart of Snowdonia.

This tutorial includes -

1. An introduction to Giles 2. Giles' approach to carving 3. Material selection 4. Tools and safety 5. How to split wood 6. Designing the spoon

7. Axe work and knife techniques 8. Adding details and depth to designs 9. Shaping the spoon 10. Carving the bowl 11. Finishing touches

What you'll also need:

- Folding Saw - Hand axe - Wooden mallet - Carving Knife - Hook Knife - Ballpoint pen Safety Gear - Comprehensive first aid kit - Cut resistant gloves

- Leather Work Glove Thimble -  Lap board - Safety Goggles


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