Learn how to make a wreath with Bex Partridge from Botanical Tales.

Duration 1hr 5 mins

Subtitles Available

Spend time with Bex inside her studio, and around her allotment, as she guides you on how to forage, dry, cut, and design your own botanical wreath. While the tutorial focuses on more a festive wreath, the same techniques can be applied using seasonal flowers.

Bex takes you through every stage of her process, giving you the skills for you to create your own bespoke piece to suit any home or personality.

What you’ll need

  • Secateurs
  • Smaller snips
  • Florist wire
  • Ribbon / raffia / string
  • Foraged or bought materials (either fresh or dried)

About Bex Partridge

Bex Partridge is a floral artist who creates sustainable everlasting designs, displays and installations. She works with dried flowers throughout their entire lifecycle life from seed, to plant to harvest, and then drying and creating.

Bex’s book Everlastings: How to grow, harvest and create with dried flowers shares practical advice on drying flowers and creating floral art