Christina Leopold

Welcome to the Christina Leopold ‘Addicted To Dates’ vegan breakfast tutorial! Learn how to create 5 delicious breakfasts. Including - Comforting, sweet blueberry breakfast muffins, a refreshing and vibrant raspberry chia pudding, an indulgent and energy-filled chocolate and peanut butter shake, a nutritious and filling scrambled tofu and avocado wrap and the divine glazed pineapple crepes.  


These dishes are delicious and can open your eyes to a whole new world of breakfast ideas. 


Whether vegan or not, these recipes can brighten up your mornings and kick start each day. We shot this tutorial with Christina and so were treated to these fantastic breakfasts every morning for a week! We can honestly say that we felt energised, healthy and above all else, excited to wake up each day to a new and exciting vegan feast.


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