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Sara Boccaccini Meadows | Creative Daily Habits & Morning Routines

Today we're talking to our artist Sara Boccaccini Meadows about how she finds creativity in her daily life.

Sara is a print designer and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY, originally from the rolling hills of the Peak District.

What’s your favourite way to start the day?

I always start the day with a fresh fruit/veg smoothie with lots of nuts and seeds for protein, followed by a cup of green tea. I’m not super healthy but I find this little routine puts me on the right track to power through the day. 

What is your usual morning routine?

After my smoothie/tea I’ll take my daughter to school which is about a 40min walk. Than I’ll either go for a quick swim at my local YMCA or head straight back to get on with emails. Once the admin work is out the way I can fully focus on the creative side to my job- my favourite part!

What would your ideal day look like?

This really depends on which country i'm in. I live in NYC right now but i love my family home where I grew up in the Peak District, U.K. I love hiking and being in the hills so I guess my ideal day would start in the Peaks with a walk to my favourite swim spot followed by some time painting in the garden. I think being outdoors is really important for creativity and mental health so I try to spend as much time as possible outside. I’d make dinner with my family then head for a drink at a local pub in the evening.

Do you have any personal or creative rituals that you do throughout the day?

I try to sketch/paint everyday either in my sketchbook or on a larger canvas. It doesn’t have to be finished or perfect but I think this ritual helps push my work in new directions.

Botanical Illustration

Where do you like to do your work and why? What makes a perfect workspace for your creative pursuits?

I like to be able to work everywhere! Because I travel a lot and much of my inspiration comes from new places, it’s really important to have tools to paint on the go. 

What is in front of you when you begin?

Sketchbook, Gouache, watercolour paint, brushes, mixing pan, pencil.

How do you stay inspired or find creativity when its lacking?

I try to go somewhere new. This might be a new country/city or somewhere more local like a garden or an exhibition at a museum. Something that stimulates my creativity to get pen to paper again. 

How do you wind down after a long day?

Sometimes I’ll paint whilst watching a good documentary, other times I’ll cook with a glass of wine. It really depends how I’m feeling. 

Botanical Illustration

Botanical Illustration

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Botanical Illustration Pinterest

Botanical Illustration Pinterest