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Olga Prinku | Creative Daily Habits & Morning Routines

 Today we're continuing our series and talking to our artist Olga Prinku about how she finds creativity in her daily life.

Olga is a designer, crafter, and the creator behind flowers on tulle embroidery. Her background is in graphic design, but she's always loved making.

What’s your favourite way to start the day?

I love doing a bit of gardening in the morning, usually watering my pots or weeding the veg patch. It sets me in a positive mood and gets me ready for the creative tasks ahead.

What is your usual morning routine?

First, a cup of coffee to wake me up, then it's into the garden for a bit if it’s not too wet. I get my son to school if it’s a school day – even though we live close to the school it always ends up in a rush. I then come back home for a cup of tea and breakfast, then I’m ready to work.

What would your ideal day look like?

Going out for an all-day walk on which I can do plenty of foraging. I love seeing what’s growing where and what is possible to bring back. Coming back home with little bits and pieces, that you can pick up for free, brings me a lot of satisfaction.

Do you have any personal or creative rituals that you do throughout the day?

I like doing a bit of tidying in my studio and sorting through my stocks of flowers. Doing this, I often find something I’ve forgotten or misplaced – even if it’s just a leaf or a flower or a stalk, that can sometimes spark a new idea.

Olga Prinku

Olga Prinku Studio

Where do you like to do your work and why? What makes a perfect workspace for your creative pursuits?

I’m very lucky to have a room in the house I can use as my studio – I call it my craft room. It has great light as it is south-west facing with big windows. I have a full-length table along one side, which has plenty of room to leave work-in-progress hoops on it, and a smaller table next to the window. I do most of the work there as the natural light makes it easier to see the tiny stalks.

What is in front of you when you begin?

Flowers, lots and lots of flowers, and the works in progress on the big table. My studio is generally quite messy and I find that helps to give me inspiration.

How do you stay inspired or find creativity when it's lacking?

I find it helps to be outside, whether that’s in the garden or going out for a walk – we live close to the coast and walks near the beach are especially helpful. I find that spending time with friends is good, but being on a screen isn’t – it’s better if I read a book.

How do you wind down after a long day?

With a glass of wine and some lovely food, and perhaps a board game with the family. 

What advice would you give to those seeking a more creative life?

Find a hobby or two. Don’t be afraid to experiment and do things your way. Keep at it for at least a few minutes every day as you only get better at something by doing it a lot. Document your journey on social media or a blog and enjoy the journey rather than thinking too much of the destination.


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